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Friday, April 05, 2013

An Evening of Burlesque

And then tonight I went to see An Evening of Burlesque which is on tour and came to the Playhouse tonight. All good clean fun: a bit like an old-style variety show but with more underwear on display. The nicest thing about it was that all the dancers were normally shaped: neither cosmetically enhanced nor skinny as rakes. What Gok Wan would call "hourglass figures" were the order of the evening. I was reminded of the lines from Oklahoma! about the Kansas City Burlesque:

One of the girls was plump and pink and purty
As round above as she was round below
I'da swore that she was padded from her head down to her heel
But then she started dancing and the dancing made me feel
That every single thign she had was absolutely real
She went about as far as she could go.

I was thinking it was quite jolly but not all that memorable really, until this lady came on and took my breath away with this routine. There's flexible, and there is jaw-dropping. And if the move at around 2:30 doesn't get a reaction from you, you should consult a physician as you may actually be dead.

The only number I had heard reports of prior to attending the "Evening of Burlesque" - and which rather persuded me to give it a try - was this next one, which was indeed rather fun. To judge from remarks I overheard afterwards, several other audience members enjoyed this and "Mein Herr" the most, though there were plenty of other good routines.


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