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Monday, March 04, 2013

Tales out of school.....

Excellent concert with Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra on Saturday night: Shostakovich's Sixth Symphony, Prokofiev's Second Violin Concerto (with Andrea Gajic), and Tchaikovsky's First Symphony ("Winter Daydreams"). If I'm being scrupulously honest we were a wee bit scrappy in the finale of the Tchaikovsky (the fugue in particular) but we survived*. And everything else was really good. Ms Gajic played the concerto fabulously (a piece I'd only ever heard once before we started rehearsing it).

In my programme note I described the finale of the Shostakovich as gradually coming to resemble a trip in the Back To The Future De Lorean: music that sounds as though it's plutonium-powered and supervised by a mad scientist. And in this Mravinsky live performance it really does!

* As any British schoolchild will tell you, "survived" comes after "divorced/beheaded/died/divorced/beheaded" - and it felt as though we'd encountered two beheadings and a funeral on the way......


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