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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nemo nos impune lacessit

The Scottish Parliament has today voted by an overwhelming majority to learn the lessons from the Iraq conflict, and to pay respect to the many people who have lost their lives. The wrong of the vote 10 years ago was righted.

Today’s debate has made clear that the most important lesson is that our international affairs should be conducted as cooperatively as possible, and I can think of no better viewpoint that encapsulates the way people in Scotland would want their relationships with the rest of the world to be conducted.

This vote may have seemed pointless, but don't underestimate its symbolic importance. It sets out neatly the massive gulf between the UK and Scottish parliaments when it comes to foreign policy (not to mention morality and learning from history). The independence referendum isn't just going to be about "Shit on the most vulnerable members of society? (Y/N)" or "Abandon Europe and retreat ito insularity? (Y/N)" or even "Spend billions on obsolete nuclear weapons instead of a 21st century defence strategy? (Y/N)", but will also be about "Destroy sovereign nations with whom we have no grievance purely to gratify a self-serving politician's massive ego? (Y/N)". I'm voting NO to all those and YES to Scotland. How about you?


At 20 March, 2013 15:18, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

There have been a lot of interviews with politicians and CIA analysts recently, and most of them still defend starting the invasion.


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