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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It was astounding

Last night my kids and I went to see the first night in Edinburgh of the 40th anniversary tour of The Rocky Horror Show. Hilary decided to sit this one out, partly because she's found the last few weeks at work pretty exhausting (a lot of extra work connected with the merger of colleges) and partly because she wasn't totally convinced she wasnlt going to get showered with water, rice, toast etc. (These days they don't do that at live shows, though you'd be ill-advised to wear expensive lingerie to any film showings...) It was our first experience of the stage show, and great fun. All the cast were excellent, though special mention has to be made of Philip Franks's Narrator, whose response to each audience heckle was perfectly judged, and whose marvllously minimal version of the Time Warp (the first time) will stay with me forever.


At 13 March, 2013 18:08, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Was it just watching, or did they encourage the jump out in the aisles and dance thing like at the movies?


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