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Friday, March 08, 2013

In the red corner, a dumbass who can't count up to twelve. In the blue corner, Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman, two of the greatest scientists who ever walked the Earth. Guess whose opinions I favour?

I wasn't intending to waste any time tonight on Bonni the Holocaust denier and her Bare Naked Lies N'Hate site, but this was too funny to pass up.

First of all, let's all have a good laugh at the fact that Bonni is unable to count up to twelve: she lists 12 Muslim Nobel laureates then says that there are only 11, proving that not even she reads the drivel she posts.

Yes, of course there are hundreds of Jewish Nobel laureates, especially in the sciences: and almost every one was working in a country where scientific research, innovation and education are valued. Countries such as Britain, the USA, the USSR, Germany, France....but not Israel. Since Israel was invented in 1948, its poor benighted citizens have produced only a handful of Nobel laureates, with no scientists at all until 2004. Guess that's what happens when you tear them out of their labs to play at being "brave IDF soldiers".

Dan Shechtman, Chemistry, 2011
Ada E. Yonath, Chemistry, 2009
Robert Aumann, Economics, 2005
Aaron Ciechanover, Chemistry, 2004
Avram Hershko, Chemistry, 2004
Daniel Kahneman, Economics, 2002
Yitzhak Rabin, Peace, 1994
Shimon Peres, Peace, 1994
Menachem Begin, Peace, 1978
Shmuel Yosef Agnon, Literature, 1966

Perhaps if there was a Nobel prize for Weapons of Mass Destruction, or Genocide, or Terrorist Bombing, there would have been more Israeli winners, but as it is I suspect Israel is doomed to permanent Little League status in serious research: which of course is why there is no queue of Jewish scientists wanting to leave their well-funded American, British or even Turkish laboratories to go and work in Tel Aviv's bomb factories. Of course, one very famous Jewish Nobel-winning scientist from Bonni's list, for all his brilliance, wasn't squeamish about creating WMDs, and indeed supervising the research that led to the Nazi gas chambers. (What a shining example for the as-yet-uninvented nation.) On the other hand, the gloriously all-American Jew Richard Feynman may have worked on the development of the A-bomb, but was clearly inimical to the racial doctrines central to the Jewish state:

Although born to and raised by parents who were Ashkenazi, Feynman was not only an atheist, but declined to be labelled Jewish on supposedly "ethnic" grounds. He routinely refused to be included in lists or books that classified people by race. He asked to not be included in Tina Levitan's The Laureates: Jewish Winners of the Nobel Prize, writing, "To select, for approbation the peculiar elements that come from some supposedly Jewish heredity is to open the door to all kinds of nonsense on racial theory," and adding "…at thirteen I was not only converted to other religious views, but I also stopped believing that the Jewish people are in any way 'the chosen people'"

And let us remember that Albert Einstein was offered the Presidency of Israel in 1952 but turned it down: why go somewhere where the only interest anyone takes in your work is in how many millions of people they can use it to slaughter?


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