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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Yes I know it's just after midnight so i'm late, though if they didn't bugger about with the clocks for British Fucking Summer Time I wouldn't be.


Happy Easter. Here is a picture of me and the wife taken yesterday in Glen Muick near Ballater. We spent five days up at the flat, and had wonderful weather for once. A day and a half of really good skiing (half a day at the Lacht and a day at Glenshee, the latter with the best snow we've encountered anywhere - better than the Alps, better than Colorado even). the we spent a day snowshoeing in Deeside, and finally (yesterday) we walked round Loch Muick. As I'd managed to break a snowshoe the previous day (fortunately only a few yards before I would have taken it off anyway) we didn't bother with them, which was mostly fine: there were a couple of places where the snow-covered path had received an avalanche and was thus simply a snow-covered snowdrift, and they were (briefly) heavy going. Another fantastic day, and as we neared the car park at the end of it we passed this snow scuplture (presumably done by the nature reserve wardens in a spare moment or three). there were various other people photographing it so we got one to take the pair of us.

We rounded off the day with a meal at the wonderfully named Lochnagar Indian Brasserie in Ballater. The service is rather slow, because they don't have nearly enough staff for when it's busy, but the food is wonderful, with a marvellous selection of specials and signature dishes which are definitely not standard Indian restaurant fare. I had Goan lamb shank with Afghan pilau, and Hilary had a chicken and chickpea dish whose name I forget. We had a side of chilli cauliflower, and shared a starter (the portions are very generous) of sizzling paneer (which was not only literally sizzling when served up but was fairly chilli-ish as well as being full of fresh coriander).

A good week.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that at the next table to ours in the restaurant were an engaged couple and her parents, engaged in an animated discussion about wedding plans. The funny thing was the list of guests they were discussing, full of Earls and Marchionesses and such. Definitely a society wedding then.