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Monday, February 04, 2013

You'd think someone who bangs on so much about 9-bloody-11 would be able to get the date right

While I have a long list of outrageous lies on which to comment from Bonni the Holocaust denier at BareNakedIslam (especially ones about the UK), the posts at her hate site which I enjoy the most are the ones that simply show her up as a drooling moron. I mean, take this one. It starts out as just same-old-same-old Muslim hatred, but halfway down brought me screeching to a halt with this:

Muslims tried organizing a Million Muslim March (see flyer below) in Washington DC for July 4, 2011 on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, but the huge protest against this outrageous attempt to hijack this somber day, forced the DC police to deny the march a permit.

I know Bonni's "degree in Japanese" is as fake as the stories she posts, but I think most primary schoolchildren would be able to work out that the tenth anniversary of September 11th was on, er, September 11th, not July 4th. But of course Bonni would think July 4th was a "somber day": after all, there can be few people who loathe the United States of America and all that it stands for as much as the Hitler-loving, black-despising Bonni who doesn't think women should be allowed to be police officers.

Honourable mention in the moron awards to Bonni's commenter "cat" who under a post about an acid attack writes:

Acid in the face was unheard of before we got to know more about the evil cult of islam

Er, sure it was, "cat". Never read Brighton Rock, by Graham Greene? Or the Sherlock Holmes story The Adventure of the Illustrious Client? (To mention only the two most famous literary references to what was a far from uncommon type of revenge attack from Victorian times up to the 1950s.)


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