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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

(Yawn)....more lies and libel from Bonni Benstock-Intall, Holocaust Denier-General

Back on 11 February, Bonni the Hitler supporter (who thinks the Jews were to blame for the Holocaust and that Anders Breivik's victims deserved to die because they were being brought up as "leftists") posted a report on the launch of bacon-flavoured beer in Canada. Personally, I like my beer to taste of beer, but I suppose in Canada, as in the USA, you take what you can get. But of course, being Bonni, and imagining that every Muslim in the world is as obsessed by bacon and pork (and indeed beheading and gemnital mutilation) as she is herself, she adds
CAIR-Canada’s Litigation Jihadists are frantically searching for a way to have this charged as an ‘Islamophobic’ hate crime and will probably demand that the company stop selling it immediately.
It hardly needs to be said that CAIR has expressed no opinion whatsoever on the matter, in Canadsa or elsewhere, but Bonni's brainless commenters lap it up. When one eventually expresses incredulity, she admits she was lying through her teeth:
I don’t know if they will or not. I was just projecting based on CAIR’s typical behavior
Uh-huh. Can you say "taqiyya", Bonni?

On the same day, she ran a post, mostly lifted from fellow genocide-inciter Daniel Greenfield, about a hate crime at Montclair State University. In the article she includes what purports to be a picture of a Time magazine cover, which in fact is a fake by Greenfield. real cover here, fake cover here. Different, much? Breaching copyright, much? Taqiyya, anyone?

Oh, and since Bonni and Greenfield seem to have trouble grasping the basic concept of a hate crime, yes, scrawling pictures of the 9/11 attacks on the door of the Muslim Students Association is a hate crime. You know, the same way drawing a picture of a lampshade with a Star of David and peyos (Jewish sideburns) on the door of the Jewish Student Association would be. There is nothing antisemitic about reminding people of the things the Jews suffered during the Holocaust. Drawing such a thing on the door of a Jewish student body would be viewed as threatening: as is the 9/11 drawing. It's not Islamphobic because of what it depicts, but because of where it depicts it. Got it now, dummies?

P.S. And how about this post for naked woman-hatred? This from someone who is forever whining about how Muslims have no respect for women.

Honestly, if Bonni did not exist, some satirist would have made her up.

This is pretty funny as well: she lays into snopes.com as being unreliable because it's financed by a Jew (no idea whether thatls true or not, but who apart from Bonni and her Nazi cohorts gives a shit?). The article she reprints is all about how Snopes "denied the existence" of dockets showing that Elena Kagan had represented Barack Obama in nine Supreme Court cases regarding his eligibility to be President. But the anonymous author Googled the Supreme Court and found all the dockets! Amazing. Even more amazing, as the Snopes folks patiently point out at their site (unreferenced by Bonni of course - she wouldn't pollute her Aryan cybernation with Jewish filth) is that the complaining buffoon didn't read a single one of the dockets, or she would have discovered that none of them had anything to do with Obama's eligibility. Thatls why snopes dismisses conspiracy theories about Kagan supporting Obama;s claims: because she didn't. But Bonni, who has had over a year to correct her errors, has done no such thing, because they weren't errors but deliberate falsehoods.

(UPDATE: Bonni is lying - of course - about snopes.com being funded by George Soros.)

In this post, Bonni lies about UK Muslims' attitude to Malala Yousafzai. According to Bonni, "Muslims in the UK have a hard time believing such a genteel group like the Taliban would shoot a girl in the head just for wanting an education. Must have been the CIA or George W. Bush or the Zionists." But anyone who bothers to watch the video she posts (cribbed as usual from some other racist creep) will see that it says only that some people on Pakistan reckon the CIA may have been behind her shooting. All the British Muslims interviewed say only that they don't know why she has been singled out as a special example when all over Pakistan girls are being shot or raped every day. They're all too well aware of what the Taliban are like, but are also aware that the UK media have their own agendas. Interesting, though, that when a Muslim being interviewed says that girls are appallingly treated in Pakistan, with girls as young as three being raped, the maker of the video decides to caption it "Yeah so funny". Because nothing raises a laugh as much as brown-skinned people raping toddlers (so long as the toddlers are brown too of course).

Bonni can't read and can't even watch one and a half minutes of video without drifting off into inattention. And we're supposed to believe she has a degree in Japanese. Aye, right.


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