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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

With parents like these, who needs terrorists?

Good old Fox News (though to be fair there have been similar reports all over the right-wing American media). Here is their report on a lesson given at Lumberton High School, TX.

I'll resrict myself to three points, as if I start weighing in to the level of parental bigotry on display here I'll find myself on a no-fly list before you can say "First Amendment".

Point One

Nobody appears to have asked the girls who (voluntarily) dressed up in various degrees of Islamic head covering how they felt about the experience. I doubt the one in just a hijab had too many negative thoughts, and maybe neither did the one on a hijab and a black robe, but I would live to hear what girls 1, 2 and 5 in the picture thought of their niqab or full-on burqa experience. Suppose they hated every moment (and let's face it, the average Western teenager donning a burqa for the first time is likely to find it a very restrictive garment indeed)? Would the parents, senator and other busybodies feel that the lesson had taught their children nothing of value about the experience of womanhood in Islamic countries? So why is this all being, er, covered up?

Point Two

It's clear from the whiteboard in the photograph that both Christianity and Judaism had been discussed in class along with Islam. "The parents said Christianity was not discussed in the classroom." Well then, the parents are fucking liars whose literacy skills are not up to realising that their lies have been laid out for all to see. (Oh, damn, the no-fly list. Sorry.)

“Islam is not a country. Islam is not a continent”, said another genius parent. But Egypt is, numbnuts: "...students were exposed to a story that blamed Egypt’s turmoil on democracy – rather than the Muslim Brotherhood."

Perhaps inbreeding and cousin marriage are to blame for this outbreak of Texan stupidity.....oops, there I go again.

Point Three

"They were also assigned to write an essay based on a Washington Post story that blamed Egypt’s troubles on democracy – instead of the Muslim Brotherhood."

Strange to relate, not one of the reports of this story gives a reference, a hyperlink or even a date and author for this mythical Washington Post article. If you Google "Washington Post" + "Egypt" + "democracy" you will find several articles saying that Egypt needs more democracy, but none suggesting that it has caused any problems.

And the suggestion that the pupils were told to call Muslim terrorists "freedom fighters" isn't backed up by a single piece of evidence either. Which didn't deter Bonni the Hitler fan when she came to post on the story: she simply inserted a picture of a whiteboard from somewhere else altogether on terrorists and freedom fighters in Latin America. (Maybe if she'd paid more attention in her own geography lessons she would know that Shining Path were Peruvian terrorists, and that Che Guevara was from Argentina and best known for his work in Cuba. And that none of those countries has a significant Muslim population.)

Of course, the story is only "news" in the extreme right-wing press and blogosphere. Presumably no reputable organ has run with the story because it's a tissue of lies being pushed by the Islamophobia industry with the ignorant acquiescence of Harper Valley PTA busybodies.


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