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Monday, February 25, 2013

Spot the democracy: harder than you'd think

Appearing on Britain's Got Talent or American Idol can earn you ridicule in Britain or the US, but in some places the consequences can be far worse.

A few things to note from that article. First and most obvious is that - as it makes plain - Islam has nothing to do with the persecution of the singers from Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or Kashmir: there is nothing in Islam which prohibits music (which is why there are thousands of famous Muslim musicians all around the world). Nor of course is there any such prohibition in the Torah (hence all those famous Jewish violinists), but that doesn't stop Jewish fanatics (at least in Israel, where the state allows them to get away with it) from trying to stamp it out. The problem isn't the religions themselves, it's a system that puts sexist, moronic bullies into positions of authority. When the key to political advancement is religious extremism, this is what you get.

And note also the carefully-phrased "Lethal violence against a woman for singing in public would not be tolerated in Israel". Less-than lethal violence, of course, is dished out all the time to girls for such dreadful crimes as "having short hair", "going to school", "using the Internet", "walking with boys" and "not being covered from head to foot in black".

But somehow death threats are only "lethal violence" for the American media when Muslims issue them. This article is right: there is a sickening double standard when it comes to Israel.


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