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Monday, February 04, 2013

Less uncomfortable than walking in someone else's shoes

I didn't find out about World Hijab Day until after it was finished: but it seems a splendid idea. I'm not in favour of forcing women to wear the hijab, but I'm not in favour of forcing them not to do so either.

Personally I always smile at women in hijab, figuring they're going to get so many glares and so much unpleasantness that a smile won't go amiss. And for the same reason, if it won't mean a huge wait I use any supermarket checkout staffed by a woman in a hijab.

When I read people saying how frightened they are of women in headscarves, it does make me wonder where they were in the 1950s and 1960s when all our mothers wore headscarves to go out. Or why they don't mind when the Queen wears them now. (You don't suppose that maybe their terror is less about the headgear and more about the skin colour of the wearer?)


Nooooo! Headbags on British prime time television in the 1960s!


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