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Monday, February 04, 2013

I'm so hungry I could eat a ........

There has been a big food scandal over the past few days in the UK because one of Burger King's suppliers has been selling as beef meat which in reality contained horsemeat (and also traces of pig DNA). As you can imagine, Britain being a country where horsemeat isn't often on the menu, and where having undeclared pork products is liable to upset Jews and Muslims, this hasn't gone down well. I like to know what's in my burger, so I can decide whether or not to eat it. (FWIW I've never eaten at BK: more of a Macdonald's kinda guy.)

Anyway, Bonni the Hitler fan picked up the story and found a clip of some Muslim saying (correctly) that horsemeat is halal (though presumably only if it's correctly slaughtered). "Muslims are happy", writes Bonni: not when they find pork traces in the burgers, they're not (even though eating pork in ignorance doesn't count as a sin). You see, for Bonni, the big deal here isn't that a food supplier has been adulterating our food, but that Muslims are allowed to eat horsemeat. And just read this comment from "Ben":

Now, we can ad horse eating to sheep plugging, wife beating, child killing, to these 14th century character’s resume. The horse is a noble animal so naturally the barbarians would want to eat it.

Leaving aside the blood libel and racist stereotyping: so Europeans are all barbarians, are we? I had a splendid horsemeat casserole in Verona last summer, but I suppose to a yokel like Ben the level of culture in Italy is but a shadow of that in, say, Toad Suck, Arkansas. "14 century characters"? Well, at least our countries existed in the 14th century, young 'un. Funny, though that Bonni, who pretends to have visited Japan and even to have a degree in Japanese, is unaware that the Japanese eat quite a lot of horse - raw. What a bunch of imbeciles.

In order to broaden the culinary horizons (any other attempt at mind-broadening would be an utter waste of effort) of Bonni and her fellow fascists, here are a few tasty horsemeat recipes (French, not Japanese).


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