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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If you fall off a chairlift and lose consciousness do you become Pomatose?

We're in Ballater at the moment, and Hilary had vaguely wondered about nipping over to the Lecht (the nearest ski area) today for an afternoon skiing. (I don't much care for skiing in Scotland myself: bad combinations of weather, visibility and snow conditions all too often. But Hilary has the bug seriously.) In the end we went for a walk instead: good call as you will see from this report.

Our god-daughter is a ski instructor at Glenshee (the other local ski area) and they sent various folk over to help out with the rescue. From the pictures it looks as though the chairlift wasn't too far off the ground where it derailed: hence the injuries were few and fairly minor. Not good publicity though, for the resort or the lift manufacturers.

I think I'll leave the nail-biting uplift drama to Richard Burton, thank you.


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