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Monday, February 11, 2013

30 Day Song Challenge - The Sequel: Day 16

Day 16 - your favourite song from a TV or movie soundtrack.

Oh heck. If I restrict myself to taking the specification literally, it would have to be "A Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow" from A Mighty Wind.

That's the version as shown in the film, but if you want effectively the same performance without the intercut reactions, here they are doing it in a TV appearance.

However, if I'm allowed an instrumental overture rather than a soundtrack, I might perhaps choose this by Bjork, from Dancer In The Dark:

And if I were allowed stage musicals that have never made it to film or TV, there are a number of possibilities. This, perhaps; or this? Or even this. But I think it would come to a toss-up between this and this.

And now I realise that there's another really good contender for the literal interpretation of the rules - this:

I'll stick with Mitch & Micky, I think - but; it's a toughie.


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