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Friday, January 04, 2013

That marriage was illegal - the shotgun wasn't loaded

Most people, when they think of Benny Hill, think of speeded-up sequences of people chasing scantily-clad women. And not without cause. (Some pretty famous, er, faces passed through the ranks of Hill's Angels, including Jane Leeves who went on to find fame and fortune in Frasier.) However, the boy could also knock out some pretty decent pop parodies in his day, including my all-time favourite, appended here. A duet with Maggie Stredder, it came out not long after Sonny and Cher had hit the charts with I Got You Babe. When broadcast on TV (there seems to be no video available online, sadly) it had Hill and Stredder suitably clothed and bewigged. Anyway, those of a certain age will enjoy this.


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