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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Teenagers like sex. Who knew?

This case poses a few disturbing questions.

There's the issue of how a British school of any kind is allowed to teach its students such misogynistic ideas as part of their education.

There's the issue of just how lenient judges should be in cases where an under-aged girl genuinely consented to sex. The law does ndeed eist to protect minors from exploitation, but where there has been no deception or browbeating I'm inclined to go with the judge on this one. After all, I consider rape as a crime of violence, nothing more or less. and this case involved neither violence nor any kind of mental cruelty, and no breach of trust.

But mainly, I feel, there is the issue of just when the word "paedophile" became debased to mean anyone, whatever their sexual preferences and habits, and whatever their age, who has sex with a girl under 16. And the Daily Mail refers to Rashid as a paedophile in the heading of the online story, even though the word does not appear in the story itself, which is simply a cowardly smear. I can't quite decide whether this is simply the Mail displaying its usual (i.e. non-existent) journalistic standards, or whether the sneaky hidden smear arises because Rashid is a Muslim and much of the Mail's readership comprises rabid Islamophobes who believe that the religion encourages paedophilia. For the benefit of the Mail's readers and writers, here is an article about paedophilia. Has Adil Rashid demonstrated a preference for sex with girls of thirteen and under, rather than girls of his own age? Of course he hasn't: I doubt whether anyone even asked him the question.


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