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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Israeli terrorists: brave when they can beat up children, whiny when the IDF make them obey the law, shitting their pants when kids throw snowballs at them

Bonni the New York Holocaust Denier is getting rather predictabnle these days: wicked Jews this, wicked Muslims that, horrible elected President Obama the other, and the obligatory messages of support for Nazis around the world and whining when prominent Nazis get arrested for hate crimes, passport fraud, money laundering or violent affray.

Still, the justaposition of a couple of posts made me smile. First of all there was this one on a clash between Palestinians and a bunch of "settler" terrorists. For Bonni, this was simply an attack by wicked Muslims on poor defenceless (apart from their vast arsenal of US-supplied weaponry) Israeli terrorists. Of course, what she doesn't mention (though even the censored Israeli press managed to mention it) was that the "settlers" had been harassing the Palestinian villagers for weeks, preventing them from tending to their crops (and indeed destroying thoe crops) in defiance of Israeli courts and the IDF. In other words, a bunch of lawless terrorists were behaving like, er, lawless terrorists. Who'da thunk it? Still, Bonni's little rant flushed out a delightful Israeli commenter, some of whose diatribe I quote below (I will spare you the whining about how the wicked IDF soldiers - whose violence is quite OK when it's Palestinian schoolkids they're murdering - sometimes actually lay hands on Israeli Jews when the break the law). Punctuation and grammar entirely the fault of Ms "Ruth Cohen":

they cant break our spirit. and we have enough people like me not giving up. we will kick out all the evil ones from israel and only those who love the land will remain. those who kick the police in the nuts.

So all the "bad Jews" have to be kicked out of Israel to leave only the "good Jews" who attack the police when they try to enforce the law against these Zionazis. Neat.

Anyway, after all this rhetoric about brave Israeli "settler" terrorists, I was amused by this post. I'd already had a good laugh at the pictures Bonni had posted showing ultra-Orthodox Jews wearing plastic sheeting over their heads to keep their big black hats dry in the snow. Now that really is what you call a "headbag": at least when Amish men wear big black hats they wear ones that will keep rain off them, not ones that are just symbols of subjugation to superstition. Anyway, in the later post we see a bunch of Muslim kids snowballing some of the "headbaggers". from the Arabic signage it looks as though the video was shot in occupied East Jerusalem rather than Israel, so it's hardly surprising that settler terrorists with their heads in plastic proved tempting targets for the resident kids. Still, it's wonderful that for the brave, brave "settlers" a snowballing is an attack by a "gang of thugs". Well, life is hard when there isn't a handy Palestinian child to be used as a human shield.


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