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Friday, December 21, 2012

When the facts contradict the hate speech, print the hate speech

In some ways you have to admire Bonni the Hitler fan of BareNakedIslam. Not for her hatred of blacks, Muslims, gays, women and "leftists", of course, but for the blatancy of her lying. No damning quotes or evidence? Hell, she'll just make stuff up and pretend it's real. And usually she doesn't even pretend to bother distinguishing between stuff she;s made up and real reports. Take her "report" on CAIR's "My Jihad" campaign, where she posts three pictures of actual ads from the campaign and ten of her own fakes. Well, I say "her own", but Bonni has clearly lifted the fakes without attribution from some other bastion of the Muslim-hating industry.

Or how about this story? Now as far as I'm concerned she can say what she likes about "Jihad's" parents: assuming the story isn't a fake from beginning to end (always a possibility with Bonni, of course) they deserve only ridicule, with a large side order of criticism for making a three-year-old an unwilling tool of their wish to shock the authorities. But that isn't enough for Bonni, who has to add her own five cents' worth, aimed not at the parents but at the kid ("Little Jihad likes to celebrate his (9/11) birthday by putting on a suicide belt and flying his remote controlled model airplane into buildings.")

But her best yet must be her headline for this post from last June, in which she "quotes" President Obama as saying to his campaign staff "Fuck the Jews, they'll vote for us anyway". (Bonni asterisks out the word "fuck", of course: genocidal hatred and racial slurs are fine, but good English words have to be censored. First Amendment, and all that.) Now it will come as little surprise that the President said no such thing: indeed, neither did anyone else until Bonni herself wrote it. The original quote, embarrassingly for Bonni, was from good old Republican James Baker, Secretary of State under George H W Bush, who said (in a private conversation with a colleague about the response of the Israel Lobby to something or other) "Fuck the Jews, they didn't vote for us anyway".

BareNakedIslam has now grown into a little hate industry of its own. It invites donations from readers, it posts links at the bottom of every post to Islamophobic books by the likes of fake "ex-terrorist" Walid Shoebat being peddled by right-wing publishers, and it now has "staff" (someone named "Jon Baxter", apparently). Still, no doubt the enterprise will want to keep Bonni the fake Jew as its official mouthpiece. Just so long as she does what she's told, of course.

UPDATE: I know that a few weeks ago I suggested, not wholly seriously, that Bonni had actually lost her mind. Well, there is an interesting exchange of comments under this recent post:

Nikolai Korpachenkopv
DECEMBER 23, 2012 @ 6:31 PM

I have already given history lessons on Islamic traditions relating to pigs, the hijab as related to pigs, and why Muslims hate Christmas. Sadly my lesson on Christmas was not posted, as it was too explicit. Now with the above story mentioning female genital mutilation, I will explain it’s origins in Muslim tradition. When the pedophile prophet Mohammed was about to turn 13 his mother decided to take him off the breast. He was so angry at this further rejection, (it was around this same time that he was sexually rejected by both the pig, his first lover, and the dog), he started to hate all women. Mohammed felt it was his right as a man to decide when he would if ever, stop breast feeding. In response to this, he promptly mutilated his mother’s genitals. Now all of his filthy perverse followers find this not only acceptable, but also a turn on.

DECEMBER 23, 2012 @ 9:02 PM

NK, where did you get that story?

Nikolai Korpachenkopv
DECEMBER 24, 2012 @ 8:03 AM

BNI, The same place all of my stories come from. The creative writing of a man that finds the entire Muslim religion filthy, perverse and inhumane. One could apply just about any negative adjective to this faith of the false prophet. My “history lessons” are meant to amuse BNI readers, and to primarily infuriate all of the CAIR dipshits that monitor this site.

DECEMBER 24, 2012 @ 1:15 PM

NK, but if someone wanted to find it in print/online, where would they look?

From which it's very obvious not only that Bonni is incapable of recogising obvious invention when she sees it (I would have expected that as an experienced inventor of blood libels and other hate speech herself she might recognise the signs) but that even when its perpetrator owns up to making it up in an attempt at humour she still asks where else she can find it online. Is Bonni so lacking in any kind of intellect (I think we can convincingly discount her mythical "degree in Japanese") that she judges the truth or falsehood of a story purely on the basis of how offensive it will be to Muslims? Or is she so pathetically desperate for attention that anything which will get her noticed by causing offense is simply allowed to bypass such critical faculties as she retains?


At 21 December, 2012 19:14, Blogger Rob said...

Re the story about the kid called Jihad, one of Bonni's commenters ("Maurice") moans about "Jewish lawyers" defending these people. there being no evidence whatsoever of her Jewishness othger than racist assumptions based on her general appearance, one can only conclude that it's the old it's-bad-so-blame-it-on-the-Jooos mentality coming through.


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