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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stop, hey, what's that sound? Just another kook who's going down

Good news. Not good that he tried to burn down a mosque, but good in that the prosecution have not only thrown the book at him, they then forced him to eat it. It seems that by pleading guilty he has managed to get his likely sentence reduced to twenty years. The judge quite rightly considered it to be effectively an act of terrorism.

Let's hope the message gets out: Ohio is a bad state in which to be a terror-supporting racist.


Looks as though not only will he be doing twenty years inside, but he will have to pay $1 million in compensation for the arson. Which will be a neat trick when he's in jail. Maybe the rightwing loons who support any attack on Muslims whether deadly or not will have a whip round. Or maybe he'll sell his story to Walid Shoebomber Moonbat Shoebat. Whatever. The state of Ohio is definitely sending a signal to racists and terrorists.


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