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Friday, December 21, 2012

Soft on racism, soft on the causes of racism

In Britain, on the other hand, we're pretty soft on hate crimes. Take Anthony Holt, for instance. Coming off a flight after reading one of the Daily Mail's regular pieces of racial and religious hatred, he refused to allow his passport to be checked by a Muslim official, Sayima Mohammed. "I'm not being seen by THAT", he said, apparently referring to the fact that she was Muslim rather than that she was a woman. "I don’t want to be seen by any Muslim in a position of authority. I want to be seen by someone who’s English. This is England. This is my country. I’m not into all this Islam.”

What we did: Holt was arrested and charged with relgiously aggravated threatening words or behaviour. He was fined £145 and made to pay £100 compensation to the woman he had abused.

What we should have done: since he refused to have his passport checked by the official on duty, we should have confiscated his passport (after all, chances were good that he was a terrorist trying to sneak in on false papers) and refused to issue another one, ever. Alternatively, we should just have turned him round and shoved him (under armed escort if necessary) onto the first flight out of Britain with a vacant seat, and made him pay his own fare back. Folk who don't like it that in "their" England Muslims are allowed to do proper jobs should be sent to live somewhere where Muslims are only allowed subsistence-level work, like Israel. I'm sure Holt would fit right in there.


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