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Saturday, December 22, 2012

So let me get this straight. Wicked Jews supported Hitler and were responsible for the Holocaust (which of course only killed a few bad Jews, and no leftists or gays). Jews who oppose the Teapublican platform can be smeared as Nazi sympathisers; but Jews in Israel who really are Nazi sympathisers are praised for it. Clearly those of us who don't belong to the Master Race are unfitted to comprehend such profundities.

A few interesting gleanings from Bonni the professional Holocaust Denier's blog floor. First, this from last year, where she discusses links between the Israeli regime and the European far right. To quote Bonni:

Israelis are turning right wing as yesterday's European anti-semites are today's crusading heroes against a rampant IslamoNazi invasion.

She cites an article by Antony Loewenstein (though she mis-spells his name) which states the following:

The growing appeal of Israel to the world’s right-wing community has been developing for some years. Nevertheless, some examples are eye-popping. In July 2011, a Russian neo-Nazi delegation travelled to Israel, after an invitation by far Right Israeli politicians and an editor of a pro-settler news service. The Holocaust deniers visited Israel’s Holocaust centre, Yad Vashem, despite being photographed previously giving Nazi salutes and publishing songs celebrating Adolf Hitler on their website.

The pair was interviewed on Israeli TV. One said that the idea of the Jewish state “excites me” because it involves “an ancient people who took upon itself a pioneer project to revive a modern state and nation”. The TV journalist then asked how a neo-Nazi could now embrace Zionism. The other Russian quickly responded by explaining the common enemy they both faced: “We’re talking about radical Islam which is the enemy of humanity, enemy of democracy, enemy of progress and of any sane society.” In December 2010 a much larger delegation of European far Right politicians, including a Belgian politician with clear ties to SS veterans and a Swedish politician with connections to the country’s fascist past, also paid their respects at Yad Vashem. They were welcomed by some members of the Israeli Knesset and agreed to sign a “Jerusalem Declaration”, guaranteeing Israel’s right to defend itself against terror. “We stand at the vanguard in the fight for the Western, democratic community” against the “totalitarian threat” of “fundamentalist Islam”, read the document.

(Which makes you wonder why Zionists get so annoyed when the Israeli regime is compared with the Third Reich, or when they are referred to as "Nazionists" or "Zionazis". Hey, if the cap fits, wear it: and if the armband looks especially fetching, wear that too.)

Anyway, Bonni (who let us remember recently expressed the desire to see more Nazis in Germany), had this to say about Loewenstein's article:

Apparently, the author, obviously a Jewish leftie himself, does not consider this a good thing. I disagree. Unlike Muslims today, the Jews of ’30′s Germany were not trying to conquer the world, not trying to turn Europe into a Jewish empire, not killing tens of thousands of non-Jews.

So Nazis good: Jewish lefties bad. Still, it came as a surprise even to me to see how viciously antisemitic she was in a post a few days ago about Jews Against Islamophobia:

The self-hating leftist ‘Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition’ calls for repudiation of Pamela Geller’s Anti-Jihad/Anti-Islam Advertising campaign. Back in the day, these kinds of Jews were called “Judenratte,” like George Soros who worked for Hitler in assisting with the liberation of land, money, and worldly possessions from Hungarian Jews, before they were taken for their final showers. Soros, a pro-Muslim enemy of Israel today, remembers the Nazi Occupation as one of the happiest times in his life.

Oh, and the post is illustrated with a delightful antisemitic picture of George Soros with a swastika on his forehead and the label "Judenrat" alongside it. (But I thought she reckoned Jews were supposed to support Nazism?)

Of course, as I have pointed out before, and as others have documented thoroughly, the whole "George Soros was a Nazi" trope is a tissue of fabrication from beginning to end, so I do hope the newly commercialised BareNakedIslam gets a visit from Mr Soros's lawyers. The siphoning of a few million dollars from the international Islamophobia industry into more socially useful projects would, perhaps, give Bonni's sad, hate-filled life some final purpose.

It's interesting, though to see how antisemitic rhetoric develops. At the time of the Third Reich, a Judenrat (plural Judenräte) was a Jewish council, established to enforce the Nazis' anti-Jewish laws. It had nothing whatsoever to do with rats. However, the coincidence of spelling has proved irrestisible to antisemites over the years, who have delighted in referring to Jews they hated (and what Jews do they NOT hate?) as "Judenrats". Of course the Nazis themselves routinely referred to Jews as rats and other kinds of vermin, but as they all spoke German they knew that Judenrat meant something else altogether. Bonni and her sheep routinely refer to "Judenrats", however, as in the comments under this post on a Jewish comedian (of whose censorship Bonni of course approves). There is a wonderful - and revealing - exchange in there between "ADHD", on of Bonni's regular idiots (who rarely strays far beyond demanding the extermination of all Muslims from the planet) and a visitor calling her/himself "Someone Who Actually Speaks German" (and no, it's not me, though if my ISP address weren't on Bonni's look-how-I-support-freedom banned list it might have been):

DECEMBER 15, 2012 @ 2:22 AM
There will always be judenrats, unfortunately. Traitors exist in every religion and race.

Someone Who Actually Speaks German
DECEMBER 16, 2012 @ 2:46 PM
He’s a council of Jews?

DECEMBER 16, 2012 @ 3:07 PM
In German, the correct term would be “Judenratte” (plural “Judenratten”).

We’ve half-corrupted things so as not to say “Jew-rat”, which – as far as I can tell – is an abusive epithet against the Jews and which (political correctness aside) thus wouldn’t work…

Someone Who Actually Speaks German
DECEMBER 16, 2012 @ 4:31 PM
Also incorrect. Sigh. You haven’t “half-corrupted” the word, you flat-out misinterpreted it out of ignorance.

Why do I say it's revealing (apart from revealing that Bonni and her fellow-Nazis are totally impervious to matters of factual correction even where it doesn't involve the tenets of Islam or Palestinian geography)? Well, ADHD makes it clear that what "they" (he and Bonni and the rest of the scum) really wanted to say was "Jew-rats" but that would be abusive agaiunst the Jews (!), so they attempt to disguise their open Jew-hatred by mangling the German language and redefining perfectly good German words to be made-up terms of abuse. Because that renders their antisemitism "politically correct". Evidently commenter BLR didn't get that memo: "my contemt (sic) for his breed has no bounds". Nor did Saxon, who considers Jews "a dumber, more inbred form of Hitler", or NikitaAnne for whom Seder is simply "a dirty Jew".

No wonder we non-Aryans become confused by such intellectual glare. Must be all the cousin marriage we indulge in: after all, it's legal everywhere except a few US states, China, the Philippines and a couple of Eastern European states. In particular, Western Europe and (shudder) Israel have no prohibitions on it at all. What do you mean, it was good enough for Einstein? Einstein was a dirty Jew! Charles Darwin? Queen Victoria? F D Roosevelt? Rudy Giuliani? Godless leftist filth the lot of them.


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