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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Real Jews, Fake Jews

For Bonni the Holocaust denier, as we have seen, Jews (even Israeli Jews) who fail to hate Islam with sufficient venom are "Jews In Name Only", who "hate Israel" and were responsible for the Holocaust.

So I wonder what the professional Nazi will have to say about the attendance of Israel's Chief Rabbi at a recent Hanukkah meal in Manhattan attended by eight prominent New York Muslim leaders? I mean, the spiritual leader of Israel's and the world's Jews can't possibly be a genuine Jew unless he hates black and brown people (and most other Americans) as much as celebrated (by half a dozen loons) fake Jew Bonni Benstock-Intall.

I would like to dedicate this post to all those morons who believe that opposition to the Zionist military goons currently running (or ruining) Israel implies hatred of all Jews. I don't personally have a problem with Israel's existence (though I wish the Israelis who bang on about how brilliant it is would all go and live there instead of camping out in countries they seem to like better) but I wouldn't be especially bothered if the Israeli experiment were declared a failure and shut down in favour of something more democratic. I would however be extremely bothered if this involved harming the ordinary Israeli Jews. And while my interest in Judaism as a religion is as theoretical as my interest in Islam (they can have my foreskin when they pry it from my cold dead hands, as it were), I have lost count of the number of warm, loving Jews I have met. And why would they not be? Jesus was a Jew.

To lighten the tone a little, here is the final appeaerance in the USA of one of my favourite British Jews, the singer-songwriter Leon Rosselson. I first encountered Rosselson's songs in the Sixties, and have seen him many times in person. The clip starts just after he has begun coaching his audience in the chorus of "The Neighbour's Cat". Enjoy, and good luck trying to join in the chorus of "We Sell everything".


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