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Friday, December 21, 2012

If it walks like a doc, and turns a blind eye like a doc, it must be a quack

I posted recently about what one might term The Shadow Of The Past regarding Britain's secret police. Chickens came home today and roosted in the hair of Derek Keilloh, formerly a doctor and now an ex-doctor, having been struck off the GMC's professional register for aiding and abetting torture of Iraqi prisoners by the British army.

The Nuremberg tribunals dealt with doctors accused of complicity in torture by the Nazis, and surely the International Criminal Court should be doing the same thing. Deregistration of those complicit in covering up crimes against humanity should be only the beginning, not a final outcome. Still, I realise that the Nuremberg trials only took place after the Nazis had lost power. While the vile Blair has been seen off (sadly with a truckful of loot instead of an invitation to the Hague), the UK's current government is in every significant respect a continuation of the one which authorised torture in Iraq. That is why there have been no prosecutions of British soldiers for torture, and official cover-ups rather than proper investigations. And that's why British doctors who acquiesce happily when their patients are beaten to death are unlikely ever to face justice.

Still, at least this terror-supporting violator of the Hippocratic oath will be able to do no more harm, or at least not by means of his "doctoring". Which is something to be thankful for.


At 21 December, 2012 18:46, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

It's only torture if the other side does it.


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