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Monday, December 10, 2012

Hell, I'm surprised they didn't just send them all to the vet like dogs

Following my post on racial segregation in Israel, here is another wonderful story from "the only democracy in the Middle East". This time, the people who should read it are those who believe that comparisons between the Israeli regime and Nazism are anti-semitic (and possibly even unture, though truth or falsehood never seems at all important to the knee-jerk anti-semitism screechers).

The Nazis, after all, instituted a programme of compulsory sterilisation of those they considered lesser beings than the ruling Aryans. And eight years ago Israel (then under Ariel Sharon) instituted a similar programme (with the help of an American "medical aid" agency) in place for those its rulers consider less than fully human, to wit, black African immigrants.

The important unanswered (because unasked - well, the report is from an Israeli newspaper and press freedom only extends so far in a "democracy") question is, are programmes like this still being sponsored or encouraged by the Israeli government, either in Israel or elsewhere?


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