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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Health and safety at work: it's not just about guards on bandsaws and wearing eye protection when pouring acids.

17 December is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

is an excellent article about it by Vanessa Pinto from the Huffington Post.

Here is a link to activities in the UK.

And if you're thinking "What can I do about it? I don't make use of sex workers' services", you can support this scheme (in the UK) by buying a T-shirt or just making a donation.

If you DO make use of their services, whether it be prostitutes, lap dancers or whatever, then be kind to them. Remember they're people like you. They might be your son or daughter; your babysitter; your mother.


At 12 October, 2013 04:46, Anonymous OSHA Posters said...

True. Though these sex workers violate some moral codes, still, they're humans ought to be given respect. We don't know their stories, so better not be judgmental.


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