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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Happy Holiday(s) to all my readers

According to EKN's favourite Holocaust denier and Hitler fan, Bonni Benstock-Intall of BareakedIslam, Brussels has "banned Christmas". It seems that this year the city authorities have decided to replace the traditional Christmas tree (made from, you know, a tree) with a "light sculpture". This, for Bonni and other critics, is clearly because of pressure from Muslims who "are predicted to become a majority in the city by 2030" (though we are not told by whom this strange prediction was made). Bonni believes this despite quoting a senior Belgian Muslim who has no problem at all with traditional Christmas trees! What else is strange about her report? Well, the Grand Place where the tree was previously displayed is still playing host to several smaller traditional trees. The sculpture itself is in the general shape of a Christmas tree but is made up of several interloking crosses (Bonni refers to its nickname of "The Pharmacy" because of its resemblance to the green cross symbol.) Errrm, does it not seem strange that if a tree were removed to avoid giving offence to non-Christians (though a tree isn't a Christian symbol) it would be replaced by a series of illuminated crosses (which are the best-known Christian symbol)?

So what's going on, apart from Bonni showing her ignorance of both Christianity and Islam, her hatred of Europeans and Muslims, and her inability to read the reports she cites in her post (or even to look at the pictures)? Well, it seems that the idea of the electronic tree (which clearly isn't always green) came from the sponsors of Brussels' Christmas lights each year, the electricity company Electrabel. Hardly a surprise, then, that they felt that using a Christmas tree as a showcase for electric lighting was a good idea (as part of a massive package of light shows for Christmas). More surprising that Bonni would be upset by the invasion of commercialism into Christmas celebrations when there is a much more blatant example closer to where she lives. Of course, these days the Macy's "Christmas Parade" has been renamed the "Thanksgiving Parade". Perhaps Bonni blames that on protests by wicked Muslims?

Incidentally, it amused me that on the Brussels tourism site the market described in the report on Bonni's blog as the Brussels "Winter Market" is correctly named as the Brussels "Christmas Market".

In an earlier post quoting the same ultra-rightist Belgian loon Bianca Debaets, Bonni shows us a poster which she says shows "UK Muslim groups calling for Christmas to be banned". Quite apart from the fact that the poster does no such thing (look for yourself - it simply promotes Islam as being morally superior to Christianity) the website quoted on the poster (xmasisevil.com) just leads to an ad for bankruptcy services. Hmm... a touch of Islamophobic fakery, perhaps? Gosh, that would be novel for Bonni.

So while Bonni, who likes to pretend she's Jewish so is hardly in a position to promote Christmas observance, is rhapsodising over some random Belgian fascist's dislike of this year's light show, let us leave the good burghers of Brussels to their Grand Place full of Christmas trees, centred around a massive illuminated Christmas-tree-shaped assemblage of Christian symbols, and showing their fawning acceptance of Islamic supremacism by thronging to the adjacent Christmas market where they eat sausages and foie gras while gulping down mulled wine.

Mmm, sounds fun. Now as a good little European dhimmi who is oppressed by Sharia Law, I must pop down to Edinburgh's own Christmas market (just down the road from the mosque with the big minaret) and chow down on a hot dog and some mulled wine.


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