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Monday, December 24, 2012

Bonni indulges in some wishful thinking

Further to the question posed in my last post, Bonni of BNI, whatever it is, it knows bugger all about Jews and even less about Norway. According to Bonni the Hitler fan, "Norway is now Judenrein (Jew-free)". Yeah, you wish, Bonni.

According to Wikipedia there are around 1500 Jews in Norway, but wikipedia isnlt the best source for that kind of data. The World Jewish Congress, though, might be expected to know whether there are Jews left, and indeed where, and how many. It reckons there are 150-200 observant Jews in Oslo, and a further 120 in Trondheim, with another 500 or so Jews who take no part in the Norwegian Jewish community. So about half Wikipedia's figure, but still far from Judenrein, especially when you consder that even before the Nazis invaded during World War Two there were only 1700 Jews in Norway. But declaring that Norway is now safe for the Anders Breivik fan club like Bonni and her sheep sounds much more vigorous - more as though somebody had deliberately expelled the Jews - than saying that Norway's tiny Jewish population is continuing its slow shrinkage as people drift away from the Jewish community, assimilate and intermarry with non-Jews. I suppose it also means that Bonni's bunch don't have to face the distateful reality of Jews having relationships with Gentiles.

The decrease in numbers of British Jews she refers to also appears to result from intermarriage with non-Jews and a low birth rate, though emigration (presumably to Israel) plays a small part.

Still, as Bonni say, who cares? Certanly not her: in a post back in February she bemoaned the fact that Norway had "learned nothing" from the Breivik massacre, by which she meant that its government hadn't caved in to his terrorism and begun to expel Muslims and/or leftists (and remember that Bonni considers most Jews - and all European ones - to be dangerous leftists). In this post on the continuing rise of the European far right after the Breivik massacre she enthuses about parties that promise 'a new emphasis on Europe’s ethnic “purity” and Christian identity.' So while nobody has driven out the Jews from Europe yet, Bonni considers it a hopeful sign that parties committed to it are on the rise. And I suppose for a raving anti-semite like her, it is.


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