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Monday, December 10, 2012

At least when the USA practised segregation they let blacks ride in the back of the buses

Some people are puzzled when Israel is compared with apartheid-era South Africa as a hell-hole of racial segregation and first- and second-class citizenship.

Those people should watch this video. It's clearly not just one crazy racist bus driver: the bus company's security goons are enforcing the same segregation of their buses into "Israeli-only" and "ride with some other company".

To his credit, at least one bus driver was prepared to stick his neck out (I bet he's been fired for it) and say that he would let an Arab ride on his bus. And to their credit, when the police turned up they forced the company to release the Arab from the illegal detention in which the goons were holding him and let him get on the bus.

Will there be repercussions? Will the racist driver, the "filming us is stopping us working" (uh-HUH - as in "working the Arab over?) goons, or the company that employs these scum receive any punishment? Not as far as we can tell: though if anyone knows differently, please comment here.