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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An American Nazi tells Israelis, Australians and Brits that they're not Nazi enough for her. Bless.

OK, so we know Bonni the Holocaust Denier at BareNakedIslam is a fan of Hitler and wishes he was still around to purge Europe of those pesky Muslims. So I shouldn't really be surprised when the first post on her site that greets me today is a call for Israel to implement the "Final Solution" for the Palestinians. I suppose now she can no longer pretend there's no such state as Palestine all she can hope for is that someone will obliterate it.

For Bonni, the fact that Muslims in Britain feel the need to conceal their religion from prospective employers (as though it was any of their goddamned business) is not a sign of religious and racial stereotyping and prejudice but shows how untrustworthy Muslims are, and that employers must go through prospective employees' Facebook and Twitter accounts. Well, I suppose it might help them screen out EDL members and other probable terrorists.....

Oh, and I see that most of Bonni's posts now feature a link where you can buy DVDs and books of racist filth and Islamophobic rubbish, much of it written by Walid Shoebat Moonbat. (These posts bought and paid for by the international Islamophobia industry.)

I had to laugh at this post where Bonni expects us to feel sympathy for an IDF soldier injured in a clash with stone-throwing Palestinians. It's funny, not because of the disparity between Palestinians with rocks and the IDF with its illegal nuclear arsenal, or because of the difference between Palestinians defending their homeland and the IDF who have been illegally squatting in it for over 45 years. No, it's funny because the Palestinians have the sense to let go of the rocks they throw at the Israelis, thus hurting the Israelis: the dumb bastard IDF soldier OTOH forgot to let go of his stun grenade and hurt his ickle pwetty hand. With any luck he won't be able to throw (or forget to throw) any more grenades for a good long time: perhaps until after the Israeli invaders have been sent back to the homeland they love so much (so much that they'd rather live anywhere rather than there).

Best of all though is Bonni's take on Australis'a notorious racism. She recently ran a post on the Cronulla riots, in which she links various video clips. These show whote racists beating up non-white Australians, as well as attacking police. She even shows a clip proving that Fox News (you know, that well-known Muslim mouthpiece) blamed the riots on white racists or "anyone but the Muslims". Well, Alan Jones, the racist radio presenter whose diatribe against "niggers", "wogs", "Lebs" and "Middle Easterns" and call for biker gangs to turn up and get violent was interpreted (for some reason.....) as a call for racist attacks, has just been ordered by a court to apologise on air for his racist remarks. All Bonni has to say (three times!) is "What race is Muslim?". So I'll pose this question for Bonni and her fellow mentally-challenged hillbilly traitors: where in Alan Jones's racist rant does he mention the word "Muslim"? Go on, here's the clip, listen to it:

Nope, no Muslims there, just "Middle Eastern grubs", "wogs", "Lebanese thugs", and "niggers". (What race is dumbfuck?) For some reason her clip attaches part of the memorial service to Kerry Packer to Jones's racist diatribe, perhaps in the hope that the aura of a real Australian would rub off on the cheap thug. It doesn't: it just makes her look even more of a jerk. But then Bonni never actually watches the clips she posts, and assumes neither do her readers (a reasonable bet in most cases).

Seems to me that for folk pretending to be the master race, these American Nazis are pretty stoopid. Maybe it's a result of all that first-cousin marriage that Bonni claims is a Muslim thing but which is legal in 23 US states including Bonni's home state of New York (and just about everywhere else in the world outside the USA, including Britain).


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