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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Zappa Playing Zappa, and Lennon and McCartney, and Barrett

A few sidetracks here. I saw Zappa and the Mothers in 1969 when they first came to Manchester (indeed the only time they came as the Mothers - Frank I believe came back in 1979 after I'd moved to London). I found an online list of tour dates from Melody Maker so now I know it was 1st June 1969; and I also found this article by a journalist who went with them on the tour. The most memorable song from the set was My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama which came out on Weasels Ripped My Flesh about a year later. Here is the band doing it about a month after I saw them: brings it all back. (Though I'd forgotten the "Needles and Pins" quote!)

This is an amazing live set of Beatles parodies: musically and lyrically brilliant, though I can understand whey they didn't get commercially released! I think Jimmy Swaggart, Jimmy Falwell and Apple Records might have set a pack of lawyers on Frank.....

While we're on FZ playing other people's music, here he is jamming with Pink Floyd. There seems to be disagreement over whether FZ ever actually played onstage with Floyd, but the photographic evidence seems clear enough: not just the picture which accompanies the clip, which clearly shows Roger Waters and Frank, but this one showing FZ and Nick Mason. And the sound could only be Floyd, and the guitar only Zappa.

And while I was Googling I encountered this bunch, of whom I had never heard. But damn, they're good.


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