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Monday, November 05, 2012

Voter fraud in Ohio: non-whites permitted to vote

As the polls show that an Obama win is much more likely than a Romney one (simply because of the skewing effect of the electoral college process) Republicans continue to try to rig the election (in Oregon, Ohio, and Florida to name just a few instances. Meanwhile, Bonni the Holocaust denier at BareNakedIslam is appalled by what's going on in Ohio. Brown people are being encouraged to vote! And for those whose English isn't adequate for dealing with complex voting instructions, interpreters have been provided to help them!

For Bonni the fact that these folk need interpreters is proof that they are not US citizens. yet according to the website of the Ohio Somali community, 40% of Ohio's 45,000 Somalis are US citizens, while 25% of them (mostly young people) speak English well enough to obtain a job. So there are 15% of 45,000, or 6,750, US citizens who would probably need help with their English when voting. And why is that necessarily a problem? There are perfectly valid reasons why an applicant for US citizenship need not take a language test at all. The test itself does not exactly require you to be Herman Melville. And of course the struggles of immigrants with the English language have been the stuff of comedy for years (though with Bonni's antisemitic attitude and hatred of incomers it's unlikely that she would warm to stories about Jewish immigrants).

In the comments, Bonni's sheeple take up the whole Ohio-for-the-whites theme, referring to President Obama as "the half-breed", a "monkey lover" and a "chip on the shoulder black man", and to voting by Somali Americans as the "overthrow of the US government by foreign powers". They call for a "greeting party with iron pipes and baseball bats" for any Somalis who attempt to vote. Somalis (in the USA or elsewhere) are "self-entitled, spoiled, sub-moronic, cretinous, criminal, sub-primates that the world would be better off without", and "uneducated, uneducatable throwbacks with below-normal IQs and massive health and psych problems from inbreeding".

Whenever Bonni is criticised for being racist, she whines "What race is Islam?" Well, what have any of those comments to do with Islam? And how is calling someone a "sub-primate", a "half-breed", a "monkey lover" or a "throwback" a criticism of their religion rather than their race?

UPDATE: the Maine Republican Party chair believes that blacks voting in Maine is a sure sign of fraud.


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