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Friday, November 02, 2012

Towards a more diverse Congress

As the election draws closer, American nutters get ever more desperate to "prove" that President Obama is a Muslim. Recently we had the ludicrous suggestion that his wedding ring contained an Islamic inscription. Bonni the Nazi at BareNakedIslam lapped up that hoax, as did her sheeple, though as they all believe the President is a Muslim anyway that was hardly a shock.

Now here (from Loonwatch) is a report on the latest such piece of risible rug-chewing, based on a poem Obama wrote as a student which contains the words "apes" and "figs". No, really: that's it.

While of course Obama is no more Muslim than I am (and I eat pork, have a foreskin and am about to get a top-up of vodka and cranberry juice), am I alone in thinking that having a Muslim as President would be infinitely preferable than having someone whose own supporters can find so little to praise in him that they are reduced to spinning ludicrous webs of lunatic conspiracy theory about his opponent?

In other news, the USA seems likely to get its first Hindu congresswoman. Watch out for all the loons who consider it un-American for Representatives and Senators to be anything other than Christian (or Jewish) to start having nosebleeds.

Me? I'm celebrating by putting on one of my Makaha Sons of Niihau CDs.