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Monday, November 05, 2012

The bravery of Allen West

November 6th isn't just about electing a President, of course: there are House and Senate seats up for grabs too. In Florida's 18th Congressional district, the race between Democrat Patrick Murphy and Teapublican Allen West is clearly very close, as there have been recent polls showing resounding wins for both candidates.

Which is why I think Allen West is a very brave man. Look at this ad which he ran, comparing himself to Patrick Murphy:

Why do I think Allen West is very brave indeed to run this ad? Well, the charges against Patrick Murphy referred to in the video were dropped for lack of evidence, and he went on to earn a degree and have an enviable career as an accountant and a company VP. West, on the other hand, as the video states, went to Iraq where he disgraced his country's uniform and flag by torturing a helpless prisoner. Although he freely confessed to this war crime, he was allowed (for reasons not made public) to avoid a court-martial, being punished instead under Article 15. He paid a $5,000 fine and was allowed to resign his commission with full benefits instead of doing jail time.

So I think that running an ad which reminds voters that this worthless POS "served" in Iraq in a uniform which he so comprehensively disgraced is a very brave thing to do. After all, this is a man whose views so embarrass even his own party that the man he defeated in the Republican primary has now endorsed Murphy. A man prepared to alienate the entire state of Wisconsin by declaring that its motto "Forward" shows that the state is pushing a "Soviet Union, Marxist-Socialist theme". OK, he actually made those remarks about the use of the word as a campaign slogan by Barack Obama, but Wisconsin had it first. (Filthy commies the lot of 'em. I mean, John Bradley, the guy in the middle of the picture below with his back to the camera, was born in Wisconsin.

There can obviously be no comparison between John Bradley's devotion to his country and to American values and that of Allen West.


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