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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gay-Friendly Mosques

Just found (via a link on another post) this on BareNakedIslam. Let's deal with the main story first, which would seem to have HOAX written all over it. Someone else has already had a couple of goes at it, and while not definitely a fake, it seems to be based on one report, and remarkably lacking in corroboration. Hmmm.

Bonni also states that "NOT ONE SINGLE MOSQUE IN THE US ACCEPTS GAY MUSLIMS", and links to this site. Two points to note first of all: this piece was posted more than three years ago, so maybe Fred from Ottawa and Bonni from New York just don't bother to keep up: and the comment on Fred's blog which responds to his rhetorical question regarding gay-friendly mosques in Canada by linking to this site for LGBYIQ Muslims, where there is a list of "welcoming, inclusive mosques": five in the USA and one in Toronto.

But there's much more than that. This article from March 2012 describes the growth of an organisation of progressive Muslims who promote the roles of both gays and women in Islamic worship. And this one talks about the same organisation, and is interesting because it emphasises that for the most part even the "mainstream" Muslim clerics, while not approving of homosexuality, are happy to live and let live. Funny: if you were foolish enough to believe anything you read in anti-Muslim hate sites you would think that all Muslims (when not busy having sex with children and animals, of course) were consumed by a desire to murder homosexuals.

Curiously, Bonni's list of posts on Muslim hatred of gays includes this one, on Uganda. Now Uganda is generally considered the world's most homophobic country, but what makes its inclusion in Bonni's list rather strange is that it is a Christian country, not a Muslim one (85% Christian, 12% Muslim). There's also this one, where she says "Israel-hating Palestinian-supporters dominate the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto. Let’s see them do this in any Muslim country…including the Palestinian territories." Er, homosexuality was legalised in Jordan (including those parts now in the Palestinian Territories) several years before it was legalised in Israel. But why confuse the issue with facts?


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