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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cut-throat competition

When you say the words "Poland" and "Jews", what image springs to mind first? This, right? So you'd think that Poland's present lawmakers would be very careful indeed about attracting charges of anti-semitism.

Poland's Constitutional Court has banned ritual animal slaughter (shechita or dhabiha), though it sounds as though the ban will be overturned to bring Poland in line with EU law in the new year.

A few points to note here. One is that for once nobody is claiming that this is just about Muslims: Poland's Jews (and others) are upset about it. Another is that while the rules governing shechita (Jewish) and dhabiya (Islamic) ritual slaughter are identical regarding the procedure itself (the qualifications for carrying it out, and the prayers, are different) several Islamic authorities consider stunning of the animal to be acceptable provided the stunning doesn't kill it. Halal meat in Britain is stunned, though it sounds as though that may niot be te case in Poland. Kosher, meat, however, is never stunned, so this move definitely targets Jews more than Muslims. See my earlier post here.


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