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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Carry Tiger To Car Park

Here is a picture of me last Saturday (10th) at a Taoist Tai Chi international workshop in Edinburgh. (I'm the bearded one in the blue T shirt on the left). In case you're puzzled by the people facing the wrong way, we were split into small groups at this point, each working with an instructor: ours was Sam, right in the middle with her back to the camera, polishing our technique in this picture on a foundation exercise called a Tor Yu.

Here's a picture of us on Sunday morning in the car park doing a full Tai Chi set (I'm near the middle of this one in a red fleece.)

(Photographs from The Tiger's Mouth blog.) A full report on the workshop can be found here, along with more photographs. It was great fun, though pretty tiring: not so much because of the physical efforts, though our joints and spine did get exercised in unfamiliar ways, but because of the need for concentration and constant attention to how we were using our bodies.

Those who have met me (in the summer months at least) will realise that I have a large collection of T-shirts with a wide variety of designs and slogans, ranging from pictures of Frank Zappa and Fidel Castro to unusual variants of the Citroen 2CV. From the indoor picture above (the outdoor one has us all swaddled in fleeces - it may have been sunny but it was November in Scotland) you can see that the Taoist Tai Chi Society produce a wide variety of their own T-shirts (all the ones pictured are TTCS ones). I must have seen at least forty different designs over the course of the weekend, and bought a couple more myself. My favourite - sadly not on sale at the weekend - was the one in this picture.


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