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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bonni lies, over the ocean

One gets used to Bonni the New York Nazi making up fake stories, or publishing links to reports which donlt actually say what she claims. I only really pay attention if her fakery relates to Britain or, as in this case, India (another country to which i feel strongly attached).

First of all, her "evidence" for "Taliban-style rule" in Madhubani (which is in Bihar, in Northern India) consists solely of a video clip. This turns out not to come from an Indian TV channel, or any other TV channel, but to have been produced by an American blogger called Jas whose blog is called "Halal Porkshop". Uh-huh. Looking at the actual footage, it shows a few seconds of brown-skinned blokes who could be Indian, or Palestinian, or Iranian, or anything really, stripped to the waist and looking cross. That's it. No scneds of violent stripping. No scenes of flogging. (Bear in mind that Bonni just loves to post video of beheadings and flogging, usually with comments hoping that American Jews and "liberals" will suffer the same fate.) So from a cheap fake video which doesn't even rise to the production standards of The Innocence Of Muslims, we have "Taliban-style rule". Uh-huh, again.

The commenters are all talking up how most Indian Hindus hate Muslims, whioch of course is far from true. There is certainly some inter-communal violence, almost all of it Hindu-on-Muslim stoked by right wing Hindu ultranationalists like Shiv Sena or the BJP. However, on the whole the two communities get along pretty well. Muslims have provided three out of twelve Presidents of India as well as the current present Vice-President. Dozens of major Bollywood and cricket stars are Muslims.

Googling "Madhubani with taleban OR taliban OR stripped OR flogged" led to a number of accounts of anti-police riots not associated with religion, concerning a missing youth who was thought to have been arrested but eventually turned up in Delhi with his girlfriend. It also turned up this story, where I can see no indication that anyone involved is a Muslim (though the report is from a secular Indian source). So the only real incident resembling Jas's fake one (Bonni's post is the only reference to it I could find anywhere) was probably carried out by Hindus. ("Pan", incidentally, is pretty much a direct equivalent of chewing tobacco, made from betel leaf.

However, Googling "Bihar AND Hindus AND Muslims" brings up this heartwarming story. So actually, far from Bihar being a stronghold of Taliban-like intolerance, it is a pure and highly successful example of multiculturalism in action.

But lying about brown-skinned people in other countries is always far more fun, eh Bonni?


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