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Monday, November 26, 2012

Benghazigate - the Real Story

Let's cut to the chase here. This guy says most of what needs to be said:

Here is a link explaining more on why all the faux-outrage from the far right is a sham for electoral purposes.

This one exposes the lies Fox News used to push its far-right agenda.

John McCain, meanwhile, was so determined to get to the truth of what happened that he blew off an in-depth Congressional briefing on the subject by diplomats, terrorism experts and the military, so he could do something far more important: pose for the cameras.

And this one brings the whole thing back up to date, while making the point so many people seem to have missed, which is that the Republicans' investigation has exposed the fact that the Benghazi "consulate" was basically a support station for CIA field agents, whose work has now been comprehensively outed.

If the Obama Administration ran with the spontaneous protest story in order to run cover for the CIA at the direction of the CIA then it was done for reasons of National Security and likely to save lives as well as to not jeopardize a very important CIA operation.

Republicans lead my Mitt Romney smelled a chance to politicize the tragedy and put their politics ahead of what was best for the country. They completely outed the CIA’s roll in Benghazi, leaked classified information, and continue to bang the drums for more information – classified information – which if made public could threaten National Security. Obviously Republicans could give a damn about what’s best for the country if they think they can gain political ground.

Yeah, well, I think we got that message when the Bush administration exposed Valerie Plame as a working CIA field agent, thereby putting her life at risk, in pursuit of a petty political feud against her husband.


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