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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

As one of Bonni's commenters put it "A blackness has fallen over America". (LOL)

Actually I can add a little to Bonni the Nazi's wails of woe (she has a picture up of the Stars and Stripes at half mast - it must really suck when you don't have the President your neofascist buddies bought and paid for). Along with all the comments about this being a sign of the End Times, the ones wondering where the commenters should flee to (answer: so long as you take your Hitler-loving asses out of the USA, nobody will care) and the ones bemoaning the end of America, there are some rather more sinister ones like these:

From Dawn

BNI – perhaps someone with a gun will go to Washington, D.C. That may be the hope and change we need.

Or this, from Isabella the Crusader:

Barack and his wife have got to go, preferably the way of Ceauşescu.

Then there's this from Don Laird (a Canadian who posts a lot of seriously crazy guff at BNI):

The only avenue now left to patriots is as follows:

Senior members of the military organize a coup ‘d’etat

The President is ****************** and the entirety of the White House administration arrested and imprisoned on charges of treason.

A civil war is commenced to clear the air.

Blimey, all that just because the American people exercised their democratic vote in a way a Canadian fascist doesn't approve of!

Anyway, all far more deserving of the attentions of the Secret Service than Michael Moore's hilarious ad which so annoyed Bonni and her sheep.


At 08 November, 2012 18:29, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Maybe we can ship them all to Scotland . . .

At 14 November, 2012 02:36, Blogger Rob said...

Noooo! Anyway, most of them reckon the UK is a lost cause, what with our National Health Service and the way we prosecute people who try to burn down mosques.


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