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Sunday, November 18, 2012

And his coffee is sometimes cold

It's hard to believe Anders Breivik isn't a fictional character. Here is a man who massacred 77 people in cold blood, most of them children, simply for having the wrong political opinions. He's moaning about his prison: he has to rush brushing his teeth, has to ask a guard to change his TV channels, his cell has no view and it isn't decorated to hi liking.

Of course if he'd committed his crime in, say, California, he'd be on Death Row where the facilities are somewhat more basic. And while this actual terrorist has 86 square feet of space, a television, access to a library and all the rest of it, the pretend terrorists in Guantanamo, never charged let alone convicted of anything at all, have this, interrupted only by the occasional torture session or exercise in chains and blindfolds:


At 18 November, 2012 09:59, Anonymous Phil said...

He's got three rooms each of 8 m^2, so more like 250 sq ft.

I love the thought of Breivik complaining that his coffee's cold. Martyrdom he could have handled, but this is a life of minor irritations! Fiendish, these Norskies.


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