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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Who are the civilised men and who the savages?

I will be linking to the Holocaust-denying Nazis at BareNakedIslam in this post, but not for once to laugh at Bonni's own imbecility. No, one of her posts provides a convenient way to refer to a rather funny development in the story of Pamela Geller's "savages" ads. Specifically, it lets me do so without having to post her vile ads on my own page.

OK. I'm sure you all know about the ads I mean. Pamela Geller, career Muslim-hater, and her litigation shield the "American Freedom Defense Initiative" have been funding the installation of hundreds of posters on public transport networks in the USA reading "In any war between the civilised man and the savage, support the civilised man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad."

Now I am as happy to have "jihad" defeated as the next man, though since as far as I know nobody has ever threatened me with it I find it hard to sympathize with her whining that the ads are not anti-Muslim but anti-Jihadi (especially in the light of her day job). However, I cannot for the life of me see how supporting Israel is taking the side of the civilised man: this after all, is a nation whose soldiers use human shields, plant booby-trap bombs outside Palestinian schools, board ships in international waters and shoot handcuffed foreign nationals in the back of the head, as well as routinely murdering innocent civilians.

Whatever. Geller must feel that she has lost the public relations battle to have Israel treated as "civilised", so has launched some new ads. They all have the same first sentence, but the slogans underneath now include:

Defend America. Defeat Jihad.
Support the Copts. Defeat Jihad.
Defend Freedom. Defeat Jihad.
Support the Hindus. Defeat Jihad.
Defend Nigerian Christians. Defeat Jihad.
Support Thailand. Defeat Jihad.
Support the Baha'is. Defeat Jihad. 

I have no trouble at all with "Defend Freedom", and in fact if that were Geller's only poster I'd have no problem with her campaign. I'll return to the Baha'is in a moment, but let's have a quick run-down of the "civilised" groups that Pamela is contrasting with 'jihadis". Let us accept that there exists a small minority of Muslims who wish to wage armed struggle against non-Muslims. Well, how do minorities of her new love interests behave?

America: that one's easy since I covered it a couple of posts back.

Hindus: for many years the most vicious, murderous and well-organised terrorist organisation on the planet was not any of the Muslim groups, not even al-Qaeda, but the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, or the Tamil Tigers, Hindu inventors of the suicide bombing vest. They had weaponry far beyond Hamas's homemade rockets. The LTTE is believed to be the only terror organisation ever to have its own navy, which it used in my favourite example of the scale of their ambitions. hey hijacked a passenger ferry and took all the passengers hostage. Not to kill them, or for a ransom, or to forced concessions from the government. No, they waited until the Sri Lankan Navy sent out a warship to rescue the passengers, and then they sank the warship with rocket and artillery fire.

Thailand: anyone who thinks that the reaction of Muslims to "blasphemous" cartoons and films is unacceptable can hardly consider as "civilised" a country where for more than a century it has been illegal to offer any criticism whatsoever of the monarch (who is always a king, as rule by a woman is forbidden). There are no jury trials; drug smuggling will get you executed while beating your wife to death will not, and the most common means of changing governments is by military coup. It's not all bad, though: according to that article "In Thailand's southern border provinces, where Muslims constitute the majority of the population, Provincial Islamic Committees have limited jurisdiction over probate, family, marriage, and divorce cases." I suppose we should applaud Pamela Geller's acceptance that Thailand's use of Sharia law is a sign of civilisation.

Copts: the Coptic Christian church in Egypt is famous for its institutionalised anti-semitism, and it is surely no coincidence that the Copt who produced the "Innocence of Muslims" film originally tried to pass it off as the work of a group of rich Jews.

Nigerian Christians: while they are undoubtedly being attacked regularly by the Muslim terrorists of Boko Haram, they're not averse to the odd bit of savagery themslves.

Which leaves only the Baha'is. Now in my opinion the Baha'is are supremely civilised: it's one of the most sensible religions there is. So sensible that it surprises me to find folk like Pamela Geller and Bonni Benstock Intall supporting it. Here are a few facts about the Baha'i faith:

Baha'is consider Muhammad to have been a messenger sent by God.
Baha'is believe in world government and are thus big supporters of the United Nations and its various agencies.
A central Baha'i teaching is the elimination of all forms of prejudice.
Baha'is call for the compulsory introduction of a universal second language and for the elimination of extremes of wealth and poverty.

All fair enough, but why would Geller consider them a sign of civilisation? And when did Bonni decide that the UN should run the United States and that all American children should learn Esperanto (or Arabic) to speed up the arrival of world government and the redistribution of wealth?

Let's leave this comparison of civilised men and bigoted savages with a touch of humour. For non-British readers, Not The Nine O'Clock News was a sketch show which made a star of Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr Bean) as well as Pamela Stephenson, now better known for her televised psychiatric shows. The SPG (Special Patrol Group) was a kind of SWAT team later renamed the Tactical Support Group, and infamous for being far more violent towards black and coloured suspects than white ones. And the hedgehog line at the end was part of a running gag in that week's show about squashed ones.


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