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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wailing at the wall

You have read me, I dare say, complaining about places like France which ban the wearing of the Islamic headscarf (hijab) in public. You may have read me complaining about the equally paranoid ban on the visible public wearing of crosses in Saudi Arabia. And now here we are again, with Jews being forbidden to wear prayer shawls and pray in public.

Except that in this case, it's only women who are so prevented.

And it's happening in Israel.

And you thought enforced segregation of sexes, and little girls being bullied by religious fundamentalists on their way to school, were just a Muslim problem? Dream on.

Good luck to women everywhere in their fight for equality in the face of sexism masquerading as religion. And good luck for all those, male and female, fighting for their right not to have to hide their religious practise from the public gaze.


At 22 October, 2012 18:48, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Come on, we all know Rabis are meant to be male, those women should just sit in the back and keep quiet. (but take the guns and go defend your country)


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