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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Kids From FEMA

Having written, half in jest, that Bonni the Nazi would have blamed Hurricane Sandy on President Obama, I haven't yet found her doing that, but she did recently publish a post about the FEMA Corps, a new youth organisation of 18- to 24-year-old first responders, in which she likened them to the Hitler Youth. (She confuses the Hitler Youth with the SA - Sturmabteilung or "Brownshirts" - but then she thinks Hitler promoted inter-racial marriage and sexual liberation, as well as blaming the Holocaust on wicked Jews, so she's not exactly reliable on the Third Reich.) Now as she recently and quite explicitly said that Germany needed the Nazis today, it's hard to see how she would think this a bad thing. But there we are. It seems that these volunteers are intended to implement martial law now that Obama has suspended the Constitution (a development I seem to have missed). And while of course American 18-year-olds are fighting in Afghanistan, to Bonni even 24-year-olds are mere "children" who must be protected from any naive impulse to want to help others.

Best of all is Bonni's utter outrage that the members of the FEMA Corps will have access to weapons (you know, so as to deal with looters and terrorists trying to take advantage, of, say, New York's being flooded). All together, people: THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE SECOND AMENDMENT WAS DESIGNED FOR. "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary for the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." FEMA Corps is a "well-regulated militia". "Retired Marines" who keep massive arsenals in their houses in case the American people democratically elect the wrong guy as President - are NOT.

One of Bonni's commenters seems even more confused than the Nazi-in-Chief herself. "NikitaAnne" reckons that Obama plans to "get rid of the military and replace it with a Civilian National Security Force, just as Hitler did". (I believe I also missed the part where Hitler "got rid of the military": who the hell were those guys shooting at our Spitfires and Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain?)

In other comments, "ADHD" recommends that Bonni's readers ready themselves to "kill such traitors" (what, even though they're just naive children? how very Anders Breivik). "Dragonfire01" links this story to the old myth about "FEMA camps that look like concentration camps" (even Glenn Beck on Fox News debunked that story years ago).

One commenter ("Geordie") remarks "What a great idea! Why are you people complaining?Motivating youth to become responsible members of society, trained and appointed to help with disaster relief. I’m sure the people of New Orleans for example would have been very grateful if these trained volunteers had been around at the time. I fully support your anti-Islamic stance but this is just political spin directed against your own elected president. Please get back on track or you risk loosing supporters." Bonni's response is "Geordie, we don’t want supporters who have anything good to say about Obama. We hate Obama. It’s one of the requirements for posting here."  When he responds with "What do you have against Obama? He is the closest the USA has come to a good rational thinking atheist president and that has nothing at all to do with objecting to the spread of Islam. The world has far too many religious nutters, take that Mormon prick with the magic underwear, running for election. Now that is worth objecting too. How can anyone trust a fool who talks to imaginary friends when seeking guidance making important decisions." she bans him. Thus perish all who confuse right-wing crazies with facts....

Still, the FEMA Corps are proving useful right now, as 28 teams comprising 294 members of the Corps were "pre-staged" (put into position ready to provide support when Hurricane Sandy hit the coast. I wonder whether Bonni and her husband will refuse their help if their apartment building gets flooded or loses power? (Silly question really: if they send somebody non-white Bonni will probably shoot at them.)


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