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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hey Anony Anony Mo

When people comment on this blog I receive email alerts to an email account (not my main one). When (as happens at least 50 times per day) a spambot attempts to post a comment (usually trying to sell Xanax, Tramadol or Viagra, though sometimes linking to live sex cams) Blogger's spam filter shoots it out of the blogosphere with a satisfying bang, but not before it has left its digital echo in my email (which is how I know what's in them). I regularly purge the emails, flicking through them quickly. Any posted by somebody other than "Anonymous" I generally look at (though they're frequently also spam), the rest I see only long enough to hit "delete".

This means that occasionally as I hit the delete key I see what looks as though it might have been a genuine comment. If I spot which post it was on I'll go and check, though usually the spam filter has slaughtered it anyway. If not, then some poor soul may never have her/his comment answered or even read.

Thus it was yesterday, when I caught a phrase about "being surprised that you link to Peter Reynolds's blog". I haven't found that comment, but I also hadn't looked at Peter's blog for a while so I went back and did so.

I first came to Peter's blog (IIRC) via one of the many comments he used to post (as did I until I got banned) on Keep Tony Blair For PM, the pompous and sometimes downright racist blog run by "BlairSupporter", the buffoon I nicknamed "Uncle Jimmy" and whose imbecilities I so enjoyed sending up in EKN. Peter shared with Jimmy an admiration for Blair which I find baffling, but he wasn't afraid to criticise Jimmy's send-them-back-where-they-came-from rants. Peter also endeared himself to me by his fervent opposition to Zionist atrocities, and by his even more fervent campaigning for the legalisation of cannabis (and in general for an end to the useless "war on drugs").

I am aware that Peter has enemies and that he has been accused of racism and homophobia. Certainly I have seen statements attributed to him which seem at variance with my own interactions with him. I note, however, that if you Google "Peter Reynolds racist" most of the vitriol which appears is directed at his opposition to Zionism. As I know from personal experience, anyone who fails to tug the forelock and bend the knee when discussing the State of Israel is automatically labelled an anti-Semite, a racist, a Holocaust denier, a supporter of terrorism and god (sorry - "G-d") knows what else. At the end of the day, his blog contains much that I agree with and some things I don't. Hell, I've linked (and not to poke fun) the odd item from Uncle Jimmy and even from Bonni the Nazi: even stopped clocks are right twice daily. I'm never going to see eye to eye politically with someone who can post in all seriousness that "Anyone who can seriously suggest this irrational philosophy (socialism) as a model on which to run a 21st century economy is at least deluded, if not a saboteur." (Saboteur? Really? I think he's put his foot in it there.....)

Anyway, browsing through Peter's recent posts, I found several which I think are worth linking.

One on the hysteria surrounding the Jimmy Saville allegations

One on Megan Stammers and Jeremy Forrest - another witch-hunt

One on Israel with which I totally agree (as I do with Peter's comments below it)

A real eye-opener on synthetic cannabinoids ("legal highs")

So to return to my anonymous commenter: sometimes I'm surprised myself, but I find enough of interest at his blog to make visits worthwhile, and as much to support and applaud as to deride and disdain. Oh, and if you want your comments to be seen, make sure they don't look like spam, perhaps by commenting under an alias rather than anonymously if you're ashamed of what you write.


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