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Monday, October 22, 2012

But facts are chiels that winna ding, An downa be disputed

Bonni the Holocaust Denier and her fellow Nazi supporters at BareNakedIslam are busy right now whining about poor dear Tommy Robinson (chief thug of the "English Defence League" neo-Nazi paramilitary group) who has been arrested for - I loved this - entering the USA on a fake passport. (See, that's what happens when the immigration people are spending all their time patting down Asian businessmen: notorious Nazis with bogus paperwork waltz in unchecked.) Maybe when he's been extradited the USA will dump him in Gitmo.

But while Bonni is choking back the sobs (and poor Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party was arrested for causing a disturbance outside the prison! and poor darling Tommy may have to share a cell with brown people!) her commenters carry on displaying their usual levels of stupidity and racism. Here is "upaces88" on my favourite topic, Nobel science prizes:

I have looked it up. There are sooo many, many Nobel Prizes given out in everything you can think of TO Scientists Israel. I have NEVER seen anything like that for the Muslims. They offer NOTHING TO A CIVILIZED SOCIETY….

Sooo...you looked it up, huh? Sooooo many Nobel prizes given out to "Scientists Israel". To be precise, since you looked it up, FOUR:

Avram Hershko, born in Hungary, Chemistry, 2004
Aaron Ciechanover, born in the British Mandate of Palestine, Chemistry, 2004
Ada E. Yonath, born in the British Mandate of Palestine, Chemistry, 2009
Dan Shechtman, born in the British Mandate of Palestine, Chemistry, 2011

Four science Nobels, all for chemistry, and the first awarded in 2004.

But: "I have NEVER seen anything like that for the Muslims." Well, if you only looked under "Israeli Nobel Laureates" I suppose you didn't. But people who can actually read writing know that there have been TWO Muslim Nobel prizewinners in sciences:

1979, Abdus Salam, Pakistani, Physics
1999, Ahmed Zawail, Egyptian, Chemistry

Now I'm happy to admit that Israelis have won twice as many science Nobels as the world's Muslims (though if you include other kinds of Nobel - Literature, Economics, Peace - the scores are exactly tied on ten apiece). But do please note those dates: Muslims had won a Nobel science prize quarter of a century before the first Israeli won one, and had notched up two for a full five years before a pair of Israelis shared one.

Or take this gem from "ADHD", regarding the IDF's claim that no humaitarian aid was found on the Estelle, the Finnish ship illegally boarded in international waters by IDF agents who tasered the unarmed passengers (at least this time, realising that they would have trouble covering it up, they didn't simply handcuff the protestors and shoot them in the back of the head as they did on the Mavi Marmara). The IDF claim that only "footballs and musical instruments" were found. "ADHD" writes:

I wouldn’t be too quick to condemn real musical instruments (being a musician myself); however, it’s vital to make sure that they’re used SOLELY for music and NOTHING ELSE!!!

...following it up with:

I say this particularly because Islam STRONGLY DISCOURAGES music (it comes very close to actually forbidding it, which is why the Talibs, Al-Qaeda and their ilk do indeed).

Thus, I’m VERY suspicious about such instruments being on that ship (especially if they’re brass!!)…

Islam strongly discourages music? There's nothing in the Qu'ran forbidding it, and Mohammed seems not to have had a problem with music as such (though he wasn't too keen on the go-go dancers who sometimes went with it). In any case, let's see if we can find some famous Muslim musicians from more recent times. How about Alla Rakha, Indian music's tabla superstar who was Ravi Shankar's right-hand man for decades? Or his son, the equally legendary Zakir Hussain? How about Amjad Ali Khan, Indian music's sarod-playing elder statesman? Or how about the world's most famous composer of Bollywood film scores, A R Rahman? Here is the equally Muslim Shah Rukh Khan dancing to one of A R Rahman's best-known numbers. Discouraged by Islam, my arse. Though the Prophet would probably not have been too keen on this dance (choreographed by a Muslim woman, BTW). Actually, as a former Health & Safety Representative I feel distinctly uneasy myself watching it, knowing as I do that it really was shot on a moving train.

I love the smell of fact-checking in the morning.


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