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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bonni the Nazi: hating Christians, the Swiss, Belgians and most of all the USA

Bonni Benstock Intall, the Nazi supporter who runs BareNakedIslam, has got all excited about the way in which Swiss companies like Victorinox (who make Swiss army knives like the one I carry everywhere except in aircraft cabins), Swatch and Tissot have taken to removing the Swiss cross from their logos for products being sold in Saudi Arabia. Supposedly this is to avoid giving offence to Muslims.

First of all, this story is reported nowhere except on Islamophobic hate sites such as BNI and Pamela Geller's "Atlas Shrugs". Nowwhere else is there any reference to any statement by Swatch about removing the cross.

Secondly, there are plenty of example of items by these companies not destined for Saudi Arabia but not featuring the Swiss cross.

A Swatch made for Coca-Cola.

The case for an "Irony" Swatch.

The ads for Swatch on a Spanish website

A Swiss army knife with the Greater Zurich Area logo.

A Swiss army knife with the Stussy logo.

A Swiss army knife with Yukon Jack's logo replacing the Swiss cross. Damn these sensitive Canucks!

A Swiss army knife made for the German army.

Interestingly, the example of a "Saudi" Swiss army knife has an unidentifiable logo over the Victorinox name, but doesn't appear to resemble a Swiss army knife of any kind in its shape. The most likely explanation, lacking any other sightings, is that it's a cheap fake of some kind.

So what does this story come down to? Swiss companies sometimes drop the cross from their logo when making products for hotbeds of Islamic extremism such as Coca-Cola, the Wehrmacht and Yukon Jack's (because nothing pleases Muslims more than that tasty blend of Canadian Whiskey and honey). And sometimes people produce fake versions of their products. Woo-frigging-hoo.

This related story does at least seem to be genuine. Again, though, all it really shows is that some Muslims on Swiss online forums (who may or may not be "Swiss Muslims") aren't too hot at German puns.

Bonni is definitely transmitting hatred on a wider beam these days. Muslims, sure, and Jews, and gays, and women. But now we have the Swiss, and a few posts further on we have British Christians being described as "traitors" for disagreeing with Bonni's Nazi views.

She hates the Belgians enough to bother telling stupid lies about them. "Brussels candidates for local elections are ALL Muslims". This is Bonni's take on a story she posts stating that in ONE district of Brussels all the candidates are Muslim. Sint-Jans-Molenbeek has a population of around 92,000. Brussels has a population of 1.1 million. Yes, a whopping 8% of Brussels residents will soon have a Muslim councillor. But then as Bonni tells us herself, she just pumps out the propaganda she's given without worrying about whether it's true, or even consistent or plausible. She's not paid to read it, just to pass it on.

And of course the main recipients of hatred from Bonni and her fellow thugs are the United States of America: her Constitution, her laws, and above all her elected President, whom they wish to overthrow by force.


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