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Friday, October 12, 2012

Bonni Benstock Intall confirms her support for Nazis and calls for their return in Germany

We've seen Bonni the New York Holocaust denier (from BareNakedIslam) ranting on about "vile Jews" while praising the Greek "Golden Dawn" party: the ones who give Hitler salutes, sell Hitler's books and Nazi memorabilia on their website, and who openly deny the existence of Nazi gas chambers.

So it really comes as no great surprise to see her calling for the resurgence of Nazism in Germany:

As in the UK, if you speak out against the growing Islamization in Germany, you are called a Nazi. Well, I’m afraid it just might take a few Nazis to get rid of the Muslim plague in Europe.

So there you are. Let's have no more pretense from trolls that these people are just freedom-loving Christians. Bonni Benstock Intall is indeed, openly and self-confessedl, a Nazi.