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Monday, October 08, 2012

Bang! You're ignored

Read this article on the innocent civilians being killed by U.S forces in Afghanistan, and how little anyone seems to care.

I tell you, if I were an Afghan I would be building IEDs as though there was n tomorrow (because there probably isn't). And cheering every time a truckload of the guys invading my country was reduced to vapour. Not a very Christian attitude, perhaps, but when it comes down to kill or be killed most of us wobble a bit in our Christian certainties. Anyway, if were an Afghan I'd be a Muslim, for whom killing in self-defence brings no moral conflict whatsoever.

It's a privilege to live in a country which hasn't been invaded by anyone since the fourteenth century (by the English). I may be wrong, but I think the last time anyone had a crack at invading what's now the USA it was Santa Anna (who may have kicked ass at the Alamo but had his own kicked by Sam Houston shortly thereafter).


At 08 October, 2012 22:32, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

We don't even care about our own deaths - I understand an American soldier dies every day in Afghanistan, and the last time I saw a newspaper story on any deaths was several months ago, and television even longer. There was a brief mention of these women, but that zipped by.
Too long, should have been in and out and done with now. A year after we leave it will be as if we were never there.


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