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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The icing on the kayak

One of the items in the Anatomical Museum is a life mask (a death mask clearly not being a possibility) of Sir John Franklin, the famous explorer of the Arctic. So of course found myself humming this song for the rest of my visit.

(The line about "Only the Eskimo in his skin canoe" always captivated me, giving such a vivid picture of the icy wastes.) But it also reminds me of the wonderful Nanook of the North which I saw when I was at school. I dare you not to laugh in amazement at the section from 0:52 to 2:40 here.


At 24 September, 2012 15:32, Blogger Phil said...

"Only the Eskimo in his skin canoe" has always been my favourite line, too - closely followed by "From Baffin Bay where the whale-fishes blow".

At 25 September, 2012 22:43, Blogger Rob said...

It's funny: I'd been remembering the line all these years as "Only the Eskimo..." with the "only" repeated in the next line (well, stranger things happen in folk song). But listening again to the clip (and even checking with my own old vinyl copy in case of variant recordings) it's "Where the Eskimo....". I have no idea why my brain played that trick on me, but it's played it for many years now. Just think, if someone had learned the song from me, we'd have had the oral process in action.


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