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Sunday, September 02, 2012

The big question this raises is: what kind of moron would pay TONY BLAIR £150,000 to talk about LEADERSHIP?

I never imagined that I'd miss Uncle Jimmy (aka BlairSupporter), the racist blogger with whom I used to cross swords until he stopped blogging (and was apparently so embarrassed by what he'd written over the years that he blocked access to both his blogs to all except invited pals). I assume that his self-censorship means that the anonymous twerp has launched some kind of political career, probably with the newly-formed British Freedom Party whose views reflect so closely those which he used to express.

Whatever. It would have been fun to have him around this week, though, when Archbishop Desmond Tutu, one of the heroes of the struggle against apartheid, not only refused to appear alongside Tony Blair at a conference in South Africa*, but has called for him to be put on trial at The Hague for war crimes. While this is no more than hundreds of thousands of people have called for over they years, to have the call taken up by such a respected public figure is heartening. It may seem a forlorn hope, but then so did ending apartheid.

Uncle Jimmy's response would undoubtedly have been hilarious. Not so much for the fawning Blair-can-do-no-wrong-however-high-the-corpses-are-pile tone he invariably adopted when responding to criticism of his idol, but for the ad hominem attacks he would have levelled at the Archbishop. (Perhaps he will have been unable to resist: perhaps if I search the web for "ludicrous personal abuse of Archbishop Desmond Tutu" I'll find out where Jimmy is hiding out these days. There is a commenter under Tutu's Guardian piece who goes by the name of CruiskeenLawn: his style seems very reminiscent of Uncle Jimmy's. Just saying.)

* The South African conference was on the subject of leadership: something the Archbishop has consistently and bravely shown, and something which Blair may have read about once while sunning himself on a millionaire's yacht.


At 04 September, 2012 07:25, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Bush and Blair, would be interesting if they really were put on trial

At 04 September, 2012 19:08, Blogger Rob said...

Indeed. If they had a proper trial with all the evidence available, and with all the normal rules as to admissibility of evidence and reasonable doubt, it's possible they could mount a robust defence (well, Blair anyway - the guy is a lawyer after all) against the worst charges. But even if they didn't end up going down for long periods, just having to face up to the fact that there were genuine charges to be answered would dent their vile complacency.


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